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Thanks for visiting us at Burdette Law. We have a lot of experience with divorce and family law, and a strong track record of handling divorce cases. Our expertise in Tennessee divorce and family law derives from three decades of experience in the field.

Now that you're here, watch a few videos, listen to a podcast, even talk to the AI chat machines, then learn a bit about us, our facilities, and our ability to treat clients with the support and care normally offered to a friend who is going through a tough patch in life. When you are ready, at the bottom of the page you'll find you can schedule an appointment online for a meeting to begin the process.

An uncontested divorce costs less. But will your divorce truly be uncontested? Click twice on the play button above to watch the video about an uncontested divorce.

What if you are served with 'divorce papers'. What happens then? An experienced Tennessee divorce attorney has some ideas for you. Click twice to play the video.

An experienced Tennessee divorce lawyer gives you a few free tips on what to look for when you are dividing assets in a divorce. Thoughts about how marital assets are divided during a divorce. Click twice to play the video.

How do you start a divorce, or file for a divorce in Tennessee? An experienced local lawyer offers free advice in this video. Click twice to play the video.

In a Tennessee divorce how do you handle splitting your house, and the mortgage. Here's some free advice from an experienced Tennessee lawyer. Click twice to play the video.

In a Tennessee divorce you will generally have a Marital Dissolution Agreement or MDA, and if there are children, you must also file a parenting plan with the court, plus you must take a parenting class. Here's an explanation of these documents by an experienced Tennessee lawyer. Click twice to play the video.

Our firm strives for client satisfaction by responding quickly, explaining legal terms in an understandable way, and sending you weekly email updates on your case status.

We have a CPA, that means a strong accounting and cost efficiency background, so we know how to be frugal and give clients the most value for their money. Our rates are comparable to other experienced attorneys in the area. We often show clients how to save on costs by pointing out how to do-it-yourself on many tasks. Our portal and efficient systems mean you can generally spend far less on a case when dealing with us.

As a trained family law mediator we have good negotiation skills to aid in settling matters - but we are also skilled at going to court to 'do battle' with the opposing side.

An advanced digital system and client portal allows us to communicate and exchange documents from virtually anywhere, and especially via that electronic info machine in your pocket - your smart phone. That makes our office never more than a few feet away from you.

We use military grade encryption and double factor identification to ensure that your personal information is treated as though it were locked away in a bank vault. Yet - you can check all your info on our portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our staff strives to offer you lots of resources, and a robust set of information both internally generated as well as from outside experts and knowledge bases. Plus, we translate the info into videos, and talking 'podcasts' which you can watch or listen to anywhere. Recently we have employed AI chat systems on continuous alert to give you near instant answers to any question that may pop up - no matter if it's 2PM or 2AM, weekdays or weekends.

We know that divorce and family law matters can be extremely difficult. So we use our experience to offer lots of resources, lots of information, and to help as part of your support network when you are involved in difficult situations.

Please start your journey here. Watch a few videos, read a few of our over 50 web pages on divorce, listen to some of short audio podcasts about the emotional and financial implications of divorce, and for a little amusement along with the information, chat with one of our AI bots. Both Robbie and Marie have read a lot of Tennessee case and statute law, and stand ready to give you general, but very rapid answers - a kind of library on steroids. Try it! You may be amazed by how the computer can instantly help you.

Founding attorney Burdette explains a bit about why our office operations have evolved to new means and methods and how that change can benefit you.

Keeping up with the advances in technology means you can now basically conduct your entire divorce from the safety of you home. Documents are exchanged through our secure portal, and all communications are via email, text, or Zoom sessions. It saves time and money, and makes you safer.

Named a Top 10 Divorce attorney in Memphis with a five star rating on Trust Analytics.  A six time recepient of the ten best in Tennessee family law lawyers in surveys of client satisfaction. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 by 59 client reviews. The decades of experience, a successful appeals attorney in Tennessee family law cases.  A CPA who can analyze your divorce assets and finances.

Under Tennessee divorce law, a divorce must be “awarded” or “granted” by a divorce court. Generally speaking, there are two types of divorces in Tennessee: 1) uncontested divorce and 2) contested divorce. Spouses that agree can file an uncontested divorce, i.e. uncontested. If the spouses cannot agree on all terms, then a contested divorce is filed. A contested divorce requires the divorce court to determine all of the legal rights and responsibilities of the parties throughout the divorce process. The court will enter a final divorce decree, which is a court order that must be followed by both spouses. Divorce laws are complex, and competent divorce attorneys will give clients information on divorce to adequately educate them on Tennessee divorces.

Uncontested Divorce Procedures

Filing for divorce starts divorce proceedings in Tennessee. Once a spouse files for divorce, the divorce petition is served on the other spouse who has thirty (30) days to file an answer to the divorce complaint with the court. If the spouses agree on all terms, they will enter into a Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA) and Permanent Parenting Plan (PPP) (if there are minor children). After sixty (60) days if no minor children or ninety (90) days if there are minor children from the date of filing of the Petition for Divorce, there will be a court hearing where the MDA and PPP are reviewed and approved by the court. Once the Court approves the MDA and PPP, a Final Decree of Divorce is entered by the Court.

Contested Divorce Procedures

If there is not an agreement by the spouses on all terms and conditions of the divorce, then the divorce case follows a very lengthy and expensive contested divorce process. Generally speaking, Tennessee divorce law focuses on the following areas:

  • Jurisdiction and Venue of Tennessee courts to grant a divorce
  • Division of Property and Debts
  • Award of Alimony and Attorney Fees
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time
  • Child Support

More Divorce Information.

Divorce and related family law is a complex topic. So we made a number of informational pages designed to help you and answer your questions as you move through the divorce process:


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Some of our recognitions -

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Named the best probate lawyer in Memphis. Selected as one of the 10 best family law attorneys in Tennessee by a client satisfaction survey polling actual clients. Selected as a best family lawyer in Memphis. One of the three best rated estate planning atorneys in Memphis. Voted a Top 10 divorce attorney in Memphis by Trust Analytics client ratings.

What Clients Say:

As of July, 2023 we were 4.9 of 5 stars for 46 reviews of our Memphis office on Google. - one non-client didn't like the idea of actually paying for service. Many shrug and say - can't win 'em all. But we try to every time.

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Our Germantown office has a perfect 5.0 / 5.0 record on the Google reviews for their office, which they gleefully lord over our Memphis staff. The Memphians reply - hey! you've only got 13 to our 46!

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Other ratings and awards - 10 Best in Tennessee - family law. Expertise Lawyer - Memphis. Top 3 Estate Planning Lawyer in Memphis. Also, admitted to practice - U.S. Supreme Court. That means excellence.

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