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If you are beginning a serious ligitaion it's very possible that the the last thing you want to do is a lot of running around with various papers to offices in various parts of town. The above video describes how we have revamped our practice from the methods of the last three decades to methods which mesh with our times, and will probably mesh with your current situation as well.

The Burdette Law Firm has been providing superior legal services to Tennessee individuals and businesses since 1998. Along with high professional standards we strive to offer our clients dedicated, caring service. To do that, we need good and talented people, like those you will meet below.

Christina Burdette, J.D., C.P.A. - Ms. Burdette received her B.B.A. in Finance and Accounting (double major) from Austin Peay State University. She earned her law degree from the University of Memphis in Memphis Tennessee where she served as the Managing Editor of the Law Review and was awarded the American Jurisprudence Award in three classifications.

  • A licensed and award winning Tennessee attorney with three decades experience.
  • A Certified Public Accountant with actual corporate tax experience.
  • Admitted to practice: Tennessee Courts, US Tax Courts, U.S. Supreme Court.

Career Highlights

CPA - IRS Tax Manager

Ms. Burdette worked for several years as a Tax Consultant with the public accounting firm of Touche Ross (now Deloitte & Touche) in Dallas, Texas, where she earned her CPA license. She later served as the Assistant Manager, Federal Tax, for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems.

Attorney with Large Firm and Founding Attorney Experience.

After completing her law degree, Ms. Burdette practiced law for nearly six years with the Memphis, Tennessee firm of Hanover, Walsh, Jalenak & Blair.

  • Founded Burdette Law - 1998
  • Made state law with Estate Law appellate case.
  • Pioneered electronic means of offering legal services
Proud Tennessee Mom and Citizen
Max Burdette Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation

Ms. Burdette has raised three children of whom she is very proud. She serves clients with understanding in their desires to establish 501(c)(3) type charitable foundations to benefit the community. She also personally established a charitable foundation which she operates (maxburdette.com) to search for ways to detect and fight the effects of Fibrolamellar cancer - a rare disease which claimed one of her sons.


Certified Public AccountantYES
Corporate Tax Manager - IRSYES
Large Firm AttorneyYES
Founding AttorneyYES
Proud Mom and CitizenYES
Appellate Case SuccessYES
Loves championing clientsYES

Meet Our Team

Litigation Assistant

- a summa cum laude graduate of DePaul University in Chicago. Nicole has a razor sharp mind that can slice up the opposing side’s document production like a hot knife through butter. Nicole majored in international studies and is also fluent in two languages.

Client Services

- is the guy who is responsible for our logistics - he tries to make sure the right things are at the right place at the right time. You'll find Matt chiming in to help many times when most attorney offices are closed. He takes great pleasure in pleasant surprises.

Legal Assistant

- comes to us as we seek to fill some of the lapses that a transition from normal business hours to something approaching a 24/7 service entails. Logan has a cum laude BA from Indiana University as well as a MPA from GWU and is fluent in two languages.

Digital Guru

- is in charge of our digital services. That includes social media, web site building, and those videos you see that proudly say Made in Tennessee. That's Jordan, up there in the attic, with the heavy horsepower GPU's, CPU's and oceans of RAM, churning them out.


- has a few old degrees, a few old US Patents, and a few decades experience as an officer of a publicly traded electronics maker. His job is to make sure all our digital and communications stuff is running, but he’s easily distracted if coaxed into telling tall tales of racing and flying.

Legal Assistant

- a native of Frankfurt, Germany, she became a US Citizen in 1968. Her experience includes 27 years in accounting and personnel for the Army. As a notary of long standing, her job is to make sure your papers are in order and your documents are duly signed and witnessed beyond any hint of a question.

Legal Assistant

- this lady is from down state Illinois where she was a born and bred Saluki fan. Now she seems to be warming to Tigers and Grizzlies. A mom of two great kids, we knew Caroline would be accustomed to a certain level of chaos. She hasn't disappointed, and pitches right in to straighten things out to the benefit of our clients.

Sort of Different

- Robbie is not an attorney. Robbie is not even human. But he reads a lot of information on the web, and he is always here trying to answer your question. Learn more about Robbie below. Also, Robbie has been joined by Marie and Bob - variations in large language models. We have three because each offers different advantages to our clients.

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Chat with Robbie, our Info-Bot

Robbie is our chat system info-bot. He is equipped to provide you with basic, handy information. The info he will give you is gennerally available on the web.
So think of Robbie as a kind of librarian. If you ask him a question, he will quickly sort through his library and type out an answer for you.

Robbie is certainly not an attorney. His job is to give you basic information in layman's terms, if you are a potential client, or a client who wants a quick answer to a question that has occured to you in the middle of the night, or on a weekend. Robbie will search out and read things that are relevant to your question, then report back to you with an answer very, very rapidly.

Pleaese remember that Robbie is a relatively new 'employee'. He may not have the experience or the information to accurately answer each and every question - but he learns very rapidly. He is also a very literal individual, so keep that in mind when you ask Robbie a question. For example, if you ask Robbie where he is, he will tell you he is a kind of cyber being with no fixed location. But if you ask him where Burdette Law is located, he will give you an address. Robbie will not answer personal questions, and after repeated un-answerable questions outside his scope of learning, he may shut down and stop talking.

For most subjects the best way to learn from Robbie is to start with a gneral question, then follow up with a more specific question. When you have exhausted Robbie's knowledge on a subject, he will tell you that, and refer you to a human being.

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Please remember - Robbie is not an attorney, but he is here to help.

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